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Wechat enables sending priceless, relevant info to people who DESIRE it.
DELIGHT them and feel their
Read on to discover eight reasons why Operated Wechat is good for business

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Wechat Operation

8 reasons to have your Wechat Subscription Account Professionally Operated

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Wechat Operation analyses your customers interaction with your WeChat OA presenting you with data that helps you to compose content tailored to their unique requirements encouraging your fans to read, purchase and promote you to her circles. Wechat boosts your brand awareness, cultivates an army of supportive fans - Operated Wechat releases you to do what you know best.

Many WeChat support companies have a fixed pricing structure, which, in the early days of WeChat, worked well. Today it is a complex, multi optioned marketing toolkit which brands find challenging enough. We believe, forcing them into a predetermined price mould is unacceptable and consider your audience size, marketing goals, budget and what functionality best fits your business to determine a suitable price point. In short, we prefer to discuss it with you. All prices are in RMB [CNY] ¥ inclusive of tax.

Minimum ¥10,000- monthly- or less than US$1500 starter would include; Interaction strategy; 4 articles p/m [client supplied content]; monthly event management.

Or you may wish to consider:
Content sourced or crafted by Wechat Operation tailored to fit your consumer profiles; increasing event management; receiving monthly: Data reports: Trends, Traffic Popularity Analysis; Views, Reads, Likes, Comments or create and classify user profiles. We can also discuss a WeChat store, WeChat pay or WeChat mini programs.

Customer Stories

Selected Customers: Stories

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The customer may not always be right, but they are always the customer

We understand that many CEO's, CMO's and Marketing teams do not have time to read and keep up with cutting edge digital trends and developments. So our job is to share what we know, guide, inform, support and inspire them in creating marketing material that will be appreciated by their customers.

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*We engaged Aim2D [now Wechat Operation] to help us with WeChat development and Management. We found the team professional, knowledgeable and experienced and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable digital marketing company in China*

Mandy Qian: Director, Marketing & Communications
Learn More about CushWake 8 Reasons Why

Wechat Operation; 8 Reasons Why

  1. Develop an Effective Closed Loop

    This means we use Wechat user data to learn more about your fan's habits and serve her highly targeted, relevant, personalised Mobile Social Content
  2. Sharpen your ROI

    Operated Wechat accounts reach only consumers searching for your product. Your marketing RMB is better targeted
  3. Acute Brand Marketing

    Professionally managed Wechat campaigns boost brand loyalty, drive revenue as repeat customer sales are developed.
  4. Fan Loyalty

    Operated content creates Wechat articles customers , they will see you as experts and trust you more.
  5. Edge out Competitors

    Wechat #1 for creating meaningful interaction and engagement with consumers. BNuilding ove and rust means they will chose your brand over an unknown competitor.
  6. Boosts CRM

    Managed Wechat = highly effective Branding - CRM tool
  7. Broadens your Customer Base

    Creates and disseminates content that your audience will enjoy reading and sharing
  8. Productivity

    Saves you time to focus on what you know
Nooo, not Facebook

Not Twitter, not Facebook, .. it's WECHAT

Planned Wechat marketing strategies reap huge rewards, but it takes time, experience and skill. 3 things many SME's and brands lack in China.
Social mobile reaches people en-mass, any time. With the correct strategy and experienced management, it makes a superb marketing tool. Operated Wechat accounts deliver content your recipient wants, at a time and place convenient to her.
Isn't THAT going to win you more customer and loyalty?
Don't try to understand "Wechat; by comparing it to Twitter or Whatsapp.
Wechat logo image Failing to appreciate Wechat's power disadvantages you against your competition who use Operated Wechat accounts, sending wanted marketing content, driving leads.

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Wechat requires a different approach, mindset and strategy of its own, not an add on or after thought.
Marketers we speak to don't fully understand how to exploit Wechat; language, time, local knowledge are issues.
Many use Wechat as mass blasting focussing on clicks and likes, an approach only marginally above spam.
But statistics show few fans will share this. Would YOU?
So it is wasted time, effort and money.
Wechat operation builds consumer encourages SHARING with friends, builds your sales army.
A compounding snowball of loyal fans.

A Short Story

A short Story

Marketing in Pictures.
In the Beginning.
From the corner store where everybody knew your name
-and a lot more -
to the rush and hustle of social media,
information overload and mass spam.
From brand power to consumer power
and Wechat Operation.
Are we turning full circle?
Please join us for a quick pop-up Picture E-Book

Take a Look..

Once apon a time..

The world was a quieter, saner, less hurried place, not a mobile device in sight.
People stopped to "chat" in person on the street and shop keepers took time to know and talk with their customers.
They had a personal profile on each and were able to suggestive sell based on this knowledge. A mutual trust and respect was established.
Many of todays more successful brands built their reputation by forging close relationships with their present customers grandparents.

The Rise of Spam

Happy Ever After?

Have we, in todays busy, switched on, 24/7, tech driven digital mobile virtual world, lost track of human interaction and communication?
Apps for dating and mating, shopping, banking, travel, entertainment, education. Our phone is our constant companion, we know our virtual friends better than our neighbours.
This was not lost on marketers who were quick to see social as a mass advertising platform.

Information Overload

Woah, overload!

Brand marketers are also consumers and know that most social mobile marketing is unwanted, deleted unread, wasted, bordering on spam.
They know people today suffer from information overload using their headsets and Apps to filter out MATERIAL THEY WANT-
where and when they want it.
This is the challenge for marketers in China.
A challenge that a professionally operated Wechat account can meet.

You want her love?~

Who am I?

Don't just call me "customer 87."
I am an individual, a person. If you want me, my loyalty, to open my purse for you, take time to know and understand me.
Sending irrelevant rubbish you think is important will not earn my , I will just tell my friends to avoid you. You need to listen to me, understand me, many others waiting in line for me.
Your needs, wants, aims are not important to me, give me what I want, when, how I want it.
Nothing else matters to me.

May we Suggest?

Experienced Based Suggestions

Be Unique, be original, Innovate, don't Imitate

Want to know a secret?
China is awash with clones, copies and knock offs~! Invest time in finding something different, appealing and relevant to YOUR customer. There are a myriad of possibilities via the Wechat app, it is still evolving so working or co-operating with Tencent is wise.

Quality Content

Another valuable investment currently under priced. Another secret: People HATE spam, especially Chinese. If your content is interruptive, irrelevant or time wasting dont be surprised it it goes to the "Report as Spam " button.

* Intelligent Content: marketing material created using "hooks" to segment and deliver information tuned extremely finely to the users needs, wants and lifestyle.

QR What?

Maybe they did not go well in Europe, qr code link to but in China, the little cube is a powerful marketing tool. Successful brands - think Starbucks, KFC- use them to drive mobile customers into their stores. Be creative, imaginative, different

Walk, dont run

What do Social Marketing in China, fishing, seduction or making cheese have in common. Time, patience and quality. Don't use Wechat as an ad blaster. The secret is building a loyal fan base - [*intelligent content] who will not only just buy from you but share your content via their "moments."

Still not sure?
Drop us a line and let's chat about it.

Fact Box

Wechat Factchat

Tencent created WeChat (微信 or micro-message) in 2011 as an update to their ubiquitous QQ messaging APP. Wechat was revolutionary as it focussed on voice rather than the cumbersome Chinese characters. It has continued to evolve and break barriers.
Cicra 2013, Wechat deposed Weibo as China reigning King of Social Media Marketing. 2017 Wechat has become the byword for Digital Marketing in China and is the #1 go to app for both sellers and buyers.
*SOURCE: Tencent Pinguin Research- 2016 Go down a little more...
70% of users spend more than 100 RMB per month on WeChat
WeChat news overtakes both news websites and TV combined
61% of WeChat users open WeChat more than 10 times per day
28% of users have more than 200 friends, more than twice last year data
61.4% of users check moments each time they open WeChat
67.5 of Wechat users are male.
Pictures and videos are more popular than articles
@October 2016 Wechat users are more than twice the US total population.
June 2017, Tencent's WeChat had 963 million monthly active users, 200+ mill linked to credit card
94% users log in daily, 55% more than 1 hour daily, 40% white collar workers
Top 3 reasons for sharing: Value [usefulness] Interest, Emotional Value
53.5% report sharing information, BUT only 23.8 would share content on moments.
[CONCLUSION: Brands are not targeting carefully-or, less tactfully, SPAMMING~] It is impossible to enjoy fully the power of Wechat unless you adopt an Intelligent Content mentality, based on wechat data analysis and operation
22.6 percent of WeChat users use the WeChat Moments feature often.
We love to chat

How to Reach Us

Thanks for taking the time to consider us as your China Marketing parter, we know you have a lot to think about. If a free sounding board helps clear and ease your mind we are really happy to listen, chat over tea or coffee, offer suggestions, answer questions or prepare a free analysis and proposal. Open, honest and frank.

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