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WeChat provides SMS, hold-to-talk messaging, photo / video sharing / calling. A potent force in China's M-Commerce market. WeChat's raft of social features combined with the ability to shop from within the app enables users a 1 click ability to buy directly from WeChat official accounts.

What is official account? - - OA

OA is a public account system for developers, merchants, celebrities, organisations, used to communicate and interact with their audience through text, images, voice, videos and rich-media messages. As a mobile App, OA also provide most internet services; news, information, content, services, booking, search, E-commerce and online payment. OA revolutionises the way brands engage and interact with their consumers, greatly increasing their abilities to interact and provide targeted, personalised services and content.


Launched in early 2011
Free service IM App
902M daily logged in users- Nov 2017
Moments, a blend of Facebook and Twitter
Heat Map: shows congested areas
QR Code driven; bridges physical and mobile / Internet world.


WeChat Store
WeChat Pay
Subscription Accounts: broadcast 1 daily message to followers
Service Accounts: weekly services not daily message broadcasts.
Enterprise: for corporate in house projects

In Brief

Total M-Marketing Ecosystem- Social- Content - M-comm
most popular / trusted App in China
Branding + CRM tool
WordPress-like editor
indepth data analysis
creates detailed personas


massive visibility and acceptance
Precisely targeted Ads reach customers interested in your product
builds trust in your brand
increases WOM referrals
increases marketing ROI

NZ Registered Office:

9A South Road, Kuripuni, Masterton 5810, NZ
Company Name: BICYU DIGITAL MARKETING LIMITED Company Number: 6268694; NZBN: 9429046080950 Entity Type: NZ Limited Company

China Regd Office:

8/816 Flytown, 3 Yumin Lu, Houshayu, Capital Airport Development Zone, Shunyi, Beijing; Subway Line 15, Houshayu Station. Visitors very welcome, but by E-mail appointment please.

China West [Visitors] Office :

京海淀区清华科技园大厦TusPark B座 B1 层J; Building 1, TusPark B, Tsinghua Science Park, No.1 East Zhongguancun Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100084 (Light Railway Line 13, Wudaokou Station, Exit A

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